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10 years later I still love this animation. I recently beat FF12 finally, I was terrible at RPG's when I was 12. But after finally beating the game I have a newfound appreciation for this animation, but I also really enjoyed the game even with it's flaws.

Bobert-Rob responds:

So you appreciate 12 now that you're no longer 12? Neat! Thanks for watching.

the animation sorta reminds me of Xavier Renegade Angel. This was pretty funny.

Man this series is almost 10 years old. I remember watching this with my brother when I was 12.

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Okay I've never written a review for an H game but I'm honestly tempted to purchase this.

The game play is pretty good combat is pretty bare-bones and simplistic but it's entertaining none the less the control is pretty solid I rarely messed up due to bad controls but because of my own impatience in the platforming segments, the sex scenes are great honestly really hot, animations are nice and I can even make out the main characters expression which is nice. As a voice actor myself I think the voice acting is pretty decent the actors got the emotions across and that's all it really needs...Now for my only real complain and reason I give this 4.5 stars...The backstory text is really long and vast and for an H game I didn't really feel motivated to know the backstory I mostly skimmed it...I would actually highly recommend if possible getting an actor to read those parts, I commend them being detailed and interesting and if it weren't 3am right now I'd have probably given them a more detailed read...But once again I think it would be easier on people if you had one of your actors or got someone to read them...Personally I'd love to get an opportunity to work on a project like this and I can't wait to play the full game but right now I want to beat that giant slime monster...Hope my input helps!

hentaiwriter responds:

The combat will become much more complex, no worries; there's up to 50 powerups as well as four boss powerups in the full game, and enemies will become much more complex as the game goes on too :P

In future demos, we'll have cutscenes that will supplement/replace a majority of the databanks (think the injured soldier scene near the end of the demo), as well as the text databanks being read out loud and/or swapped for visual versions of them (like instead of reading about zombies being created, you'd see a security camera recording of it, etc.)

Glad you liked the game though! Thanks for the review and the rating! :)

I'm really drunk, saw this on my newgrounds feed of people I follow, I hear a bunch of moans and I just go "OH dear!" XD 5 stars

This is actually a pretty solid game XD

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Congratulations to your friend getting married, as per usual you be dropping dope tracks like rain.

Can't wait for the new Album, loved 7 leers ago and I'm happy you've announced a new one so soon!

I'm really digging these remixes your making. Keep it up!

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But his nose is BLUE... >:3

Is this a miqote from FFXIV...? Also it's strange you posted a cat girl, cause I've been having a friendly argument with my friend today about how cat girls who have both cat ears and human ears are stupid as fuck and don't make sense...Anyway looks sexy as hell. BRAVO! BRAVO! Shame about the raffles.

I'd watch this is you made it into a cartoon XD Great job on the art and Cobra's pose and facial expression are very Lupin the third.

Voice Actor destined to die in a knife fight with a french bulldog...

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